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BrrrBlanc Bird

The Art of Nesting. BrrrBlanc is an east coast eclectic home décor and accessories line that offers contemporary reflections on folk and tribal art to help you build your nest.

In the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown, BrrrBlanc was born in Washington, DC to gift a novel perspective - levity, vibrancy, movement, imagination, and frivolity - to a home that suddenly felt needy, stale, and rote.

BrrrBlanc was inspired by a Tejal Rao article in the New York Times hailing Jack Monroe's recipe for cannellini bean beurre blanc. Regarding the recipe Monroe writes:

"I have very little time for the notion that some foods are ‘not for poorer people'...I want to live in a world where everyone should be able to put a beurre blanc on the table without hesitation." Rao resolves that while beurre blanc might sound posh, and indicate a certain class of foods in our collective imagination, the sauce doesn’t, in fact, belong to anyone. And it doesn’t require a poached lobster tail, or the season’s first white asparagus...It’s the kind of recipe you make once and immediately add to your repertoire: straightforward, inexpensive and comforting. And you can build on it if you like."

BrrrBlanc brings pattern to the people

Styling a home that looks good and reflects your individuality and personality doesn't need to break the bank. But sometimes the price tag associated with our design aesthetic doesn't match our budget. We started BrrrBlanc when the hunt for the perfect pillow resulted in an online wish list of $300 options. You don't have to sacrifice form for function. BrrrBlanc makes the aspirational attainable with affordable but distinctive prints and patterns.

We are nostalgic and nomadic

With our three design styles—balm, bold and BoDaCious!—we endeavor to design products that reflect your wanderlust and transport you to the times when you've felt most enlivened and at peace, to the places you miss and the destinations you long to roam. 

We are made for you

The environmentally-conscious among you will be happy to know that our products are made on-demand and shipped in no-frills packaging, eliminating overproduction waste. We also believe in designing products that can multi-task. such as our pillows that feature different patterns or colorways on each side to give you two options in one or our utility cloths that can be used as sand repelling beach blankets, shawls, or tablecloths.

We are black woman owned and made in DC

BrrrBlanc features the work of our founder and creative director, Lu B. Amos. Lu is a fourth generation Washingtonian, a learning scientist, mixed-media digital artist, and printmaker.


Email: contact@brrrblanc.com



Mailing Address (Not a retail location):

712 H Street NE

Washington, DC 20002