Wide Eyed Acrylic Print

Wide Eyed Acrylic Print

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This acrylic print was inspired by George Orwell's novel, 1984:

“Even after his eyes were open he took in his surroundings only gradually. He had the impression of swimming up into this room from some quite different world, a sort of underwater world far beneath it. How long he had been down there he did not know. Since the moment when they arrested him he had not seen darkness or daylight...With that first blow on the elbow the nightmare had started. Later he was to realize that all that then happened was merely a preliminary, a routine interrogation to which nearly all prisoners were subjected. There was a long range of crimes—espionage, sabotage, and the like—to which everyone had to confess as a matter of course. The confession was a formality, though the torture was real.”


One size: 12” (height) X 12” (length)


Printed on LexJet Lustre photo paper and affixed to a thick protective, BPA-free clear acrylic block with Aluminum Dibond backer for a three dimensional appearance. French cleat attached to the back for easy hanging.

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